Fees Structure


  • Level three (3) Diploma is made up of 4 semesters.
  • Level 4/5 Higher National diploma is made up of 9 semesters.
  • Intakes are done in January, May & September.


Registration and course Fees Course fees are payable in advance. Course fees for the Academic Year will be:

Full time courses

  • Registration Fee (Non Refundable) : Kshs 3,500
  • Graduation Fee : Kshs 5,000
  • Student kit (Payable once) : Kshs 7,500
  • Tuition Fee (Per Semester) : Kshs 93,500
  • BTEC Registration fee (Payable once): Varies
  • BTEC Assessment fee : Varies

All materials for class work are provided to the learner. The learner is expected to fund their end semester projects and capsule collections.

Short courses

  • Registration Fee (Non Refundable) : Kshs 3,500
  • Tuition Fee : Kshs 85,000
  • Student kit (Optional) : Kshs 7,500
  • Students will be provided with a list of tools to buy for class.


Please ensure you read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions set out below before you complete our application form.

  1. Course fees
  • Course fees must be paid in full by the end of the semester. The course fee is payable in two installments. Once accepted the student will be given further details on payment. There is a mandatory payment for Edexcel registration for the full time courses. For the Edexcel HND this is payable in the 2nd year of study. For the Edexcel ND this is payable upon entry. Course fees include VAT.
  1. Method of Payment
  • Course fees can be paid in banker’s cheque or deposited directly to the school account. Further information about how to pay will be given to students when they receive their acceptance letter.
  • All Edexcel fees are payable to MSF in pounds sterling only.


  • If you wish to withdraw from your course, your request should be made in writing.
  • If your written request is received more than six weeks before the start of the course, you will be entitled to a 75% refund. Thereafter there is no refund.
  • Non-attendance due to illness, or for personal or professional reasons, does not entitle any student or prospective student to refunds or transfer.
  • Students are expected to attend all classes and sessions. No student shall be assessed unless he/she has attended at least 80% of the lessons. No final certificate of satisfactory completion of any course shall be issued unless the student has achieved both the required attendance record at the end of the course and the required pass criteria.
  1. Insurance
  • Students are required to have adequate health, accident, disability, and hospitalization insurance to cover themselves during their time at MSF.
  • Students recognize and accept that no part of the course fee goes toward payment of such insurance and that MSF has no obligation to provide such insurance.

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